Technology Incubation Centre

technology and incubation centre

The Technology Incubation Centre (TIC-RUSL) was established at the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research for the transformation of invention into innovation.

G.V.T.V. Weerasooriya

To be an excellent innovation center for inventors in North Central Province (NCP) of Sri Lanka

Support the NCP inventors to develop their concepts/designs/products to commercially viable products to generate an additional income to the households and stimulate and assist technology based industries to introduce new products to the market.

  • Provide technical supports to inventors for the development of their inventions as commercial products
  • Support inventors to start-up business as self-employers
  • Build a vibrant network of inventors, experts, investors and policymakers forming a platform for successful entrepreneurship
  • Provide access to undergraduates/postgraduates to interact with inventors
    Develop invention culture in the university and the society
  • Strengthen relationships between the university and community, industry and policymakers
  • Study market requirements and providing consultancy on product marketing
  • Provide technical knowledge and business skills to the inventors
  • Support to develop business plans with Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Conduct workshops, seminars and training programmes
  • Link inventors to the ministries, government agencies and non-government organizations including banks to obtain the required servers.
  • Provide an opportunity to the undergraduates/postgraduates to exchange knowledge and experience with inventors
  • Advice on issues related to Intellectual Property (IP)