Dissolved Acetylene

Acetylene is a colourless gas. It is made from calcium carbide chemically reacting with water. The gas is explosive, especially when mixed with oxygen and air. At IGL, we dissolve acetylene in acetone and store it in steel cylinders under pressure for safe use.
In Sri Lanka, acetylene is mainly used to cut and weld metals. For this, oxygen is burned with acetylene to make a scorching flame whose temperatures can be as much as 3,480°C (6,300°F). This temperature is the highest among the known gas combustible mixtures. Other acetylene applications include oxyfuel technology, illumination and flame-blasting, -spraying, and -straightening.

Supply Option

Acetylene (C2H2) Product Concentration Supply Options
Acetylene Gas >97.5 % v/ v Mini and large gas cylinders

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