Krushi Mela 2019 Agricultural Exhibition

Being a center of excellence in Agriculture, it’s our prime responsibility to uplift Agriculture for the betterment of Sri Lankan farmers. With that intention, the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka conducted Krushi Mela 2019 Agricultural Exhibition on 22nd of August 2019 at the faculty premises, Puliyankulama, Anuradhapura mainly through the AHEAD grants. The objective of the exhibition was to create a platform for students, farmers and Industries to discuss and share their ideas and knowledge to make a positive contribution to uplift Agriculture particularly dry zone in Sri Lanka.

The Krushi Mela 2019 Agricultural Exhibition showcased more than 50 stalls representing diverse aspects of the field of Agriculture along with the faculty crop field and livestock farm. The prosperous crop field and the livestock farm which was the zenith of student’s dedication and commitment over the past few months were displayed in the event. Stalls from government institutes and private companies related to Agriculture sector also added more value to the exhibition. The Krushi Mela 2019 attracted over 750 people ranging from farmers, school children and general public.

Programs such as “Discussion with successful farmer ” was a portal for students and Farmers to discuss and exchange their interests, problems, and requirements. Farmers were able to communicate their thoughts and experience freely.The exposure and interaction with them was a huge learning curve for the students to understand the grass-root level of Agriculture. Farmer’s insights inspired students to pursue in agriculture and to understand the research gaps in which students can research on. The program was broadcasted over the Rajarata FM radio. The exhibition expanded the horizons of agriculture knowledge with the incorporation of latest and greatest trends and technologies showing what the future of agriculture holds for us. At the end of the day, overwhelming responses from the crowd reiterated the success of the exhibition.

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