The Computer Unit,Faculty of Agriculture provides IT facilities to both student as well as staff members of the faculty. Computer Unit consists of a local area network around 50 computers. The computer unit maintains the whole network of the faculty which enables free internet access for students and the staff. Two basic computer courses are offered for undergraduates during the first academic year of their undergraduate life.

Students are allowed to use computer facilities for data analysis in their final year research projects as well as computer applications in the other subjects offered by the departments such as Computer Programming,Engineering Drawing and Landscape ,Experimental Methods in Agricultural Research.

Providing IT Facilities

  • Providing access to the internet and e-mail for students and staff
  • Providing IT facilities for final year research students

Resources Sharing

  • Reserving the laboratory for the practical courses of the other departments
  • Providing multimedia facilities for the lecture

Web Sites Maintaince

  • Updating the faculty Web Site

Computer Unit

  • IT1100−Computer Literacy
  • IT1200−Computer Literacy


  • ES3101−Engineering Drawing and Landscape
  • ES3203−Computer Programming
  • ES3213− Remote Sensing and GIS in Agriculture
  • AS3103−Experimental Methods in Agricultural Research
Mrs. E.D.T. Somarathne
B.Sc. (P'deniya),Reading for M.Phil. (P'deniya)
Instructor in Computer Technology
Technical Officer
Mr. D.N. Senarath Epa
Instructor in Computer Technology
Mr. Kalana Ekanayake
Lab Attendant