Farmer Training Programme on Minimizing Postharvest Losses of Crop Products in Anuradhapura Area, funded by UNESCO

Farmer training programme on “Minimizing Postharvest Losses of Crop Products in Anuradhapura Area” was conducted by the Department of Animal and Food Sciences under the UNESCO project titled “Strengthening the partnership between the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka and the farming community”. The training programme was held on 18th of September 2019 at the faculty auditorium with the participation of paddy farmers in Anuradhapura area. The main objective of the training programme was to make the farmers aware of how to minimize the postharvest losses of paddy by adopting improved post-harvest techniques and to enhance their production.

This training programme consisted of many informative events. After registration of the farmers, the programme was commenced at 9.00 a.m. with the welcome speech delivered by Prof. A.M.J.B. Adikari, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture. Three lectures were conducted on introduction to postharvest losses, harvesting and primary processing, value addition, parboiling and milling, storage, pest control and disease management by Dr. D.W.M.M.M. Kumari, Lecturer (Probationary), Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences, Mr. Mahinda Herath, Extension Officer, National Institute of Postharvest Management (NIPHM), and Mr. W.A.G.E. Wijelath, Lecturer (Temporary), Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences, respectively. Also, a visit was arranged at NIPHM, Anuradhapura parallel to this training programme to demonstrate paddy processing equipment and to conduct a practical session on evaluation of rice quality.

A question and answer session was held at the end of the programme. After the discussion, a questionnaire was distributed among the farmers to assess the effectiveness of the training programme. Mrs. K.H.I. Gimhani, Moderator of this training programme proposed the vote of thanks.

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