The farm belonging to the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata university of Sri Lanka is located in Bandarapuliyankulama in the close proximity of the Faculty premises. It has 32 acres of land area including both uplands and lowlands. All the land area is utilized for cultivating crops and raring animals.


To be the renowned agricultural farm in the North Central Province.


To be a profitable centre of excellence in agricultural farming through adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and modern agricultural technologies while engaging in research, training and production in crops and livestocks.

The faculty farm maintains several units for the student demonstrations such as

  • Plant nursery and protected net house
  • Medicinal Garden
  • Export agricultural crop garden
  • Organic unit

We produce certified seed paddy under the registration of Seed Act 2003 with collaboration of Seed certification service, Mahailluppallama to the local farmer communities in the Dry zone of Sri Lanka.

The animal production unit consists of several sub units as follows

  • Dairy unit
  • Poultry unit
  • Goat and Sheep unit
  • Duck–Fish integrated unit

We maintain breeds of animals for practicals and demonstration purposes of the undergraduates. In the near future we are planning to start a commercial feed formulation unit, mushroom production unit, apiary, inland fishery breeding unit and rabbitary for students practicals and production purposes. We are producing curd, yoghurt, eggs, chicken, fresh milk (goat, cow), ice cream, compost, seed paddy, fruits and vegetables to the commercial market. Also we have started a sales center in front of the Faculty to sell all of our farm products at reasonable prices to anyone.

The Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka offers a farm practise course which is Field and Vegetable Crop Management− PS 3101 for the undergraduates in Year III Semester I. The department of Plant Sciences offers and conducts this course of 6 credits and the faculty farm is the main area to conduct the practicals and the farm related trainings which is located in Bandarapuliyankulama

  • Practical aspects of field crop management (Rice, other cereals, pulses, fibre crops, oil crops, condiments and root and tuber crops)
  • Climatic requirements of local and exotic vegetables
  • Crop selection
  • Nursery management
  • Crop maturity and maturity indices
  • Yield and yield components
  • Vegetable based cropping systems
  • Crop improvement and vegetable seed production in Sri Lanka
  • Practical aspects of principles of irrigation & soil management −conducted by Dept. of soil and water resource management.
Mr. B.W.N.J. Samaraweera
B.Sc. (Peradeniya) Farm Manager Faculty of Agriculture
P: +94 25 385 9479,+94 77 913 1151
F: +94 25 222 1610
Mr. Rohana Wijesinghe
Assistant Farm Manager
Faculty of Agriculture
P: +94 25 385 9479
F: +94 25 222 1610
Mr. P.B. Senevirathne
Field Supervisor
Faculty of Agriculture
P: +94 25 385 9479,+94 77 262 6844
F: +94 25 222 1610
Mr. S.M.M. Thilakarathne
Tractor Operator
Faculty of Agriculture
P: +94 25 385 9479, +94 71 279 7284
F: +94 25 222 1610