Fall Armyworm awareness Program

Sri Lankan maize cultivations have encountered a grave threat from the Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiferda ) or commonly known as “Sena Caterpiller “. This befallen havoc is getting severe day by day, which ultimately resulted in a huge impact on the farming community as well as in the country. The outbreak has destructed more than 2200 ha of maize lands at an alarming rate. As this menace is invading the lands exponentially and destructing the agriculture the pulse of the nation, the economic, social and political aspects of the country are threatened

As a dedicated center of excellence in agriculture in our country, we have a solemn duty to uplift the agriculture of our nation. With the intention to giving our fullest corporation in raising awareness among farmers to eradicate this menace, student and the lecturers from the faculty of agriculture of Rajarata University joined hands with the Mahaweli authority and the Department of agriculture.

Farmlands in the Mahaweli C area, which were severely affected by the fall armyworm catastrophy were selected for the awareness program. All the blocks of Mahaweli system C were covered by the volunteered force. We were able to witness the severity of the destruction. Based on the lessons learned from other parts of the world, Community awareness programs were conducted among the farmers and also their damaged farmlands were inspected and technical assistance to contain and eradicate the situation was disseminated among farmers.

Not only the farmers were benefitted, but our undergraduates were also exposed to the practical scenario associated with this crisis. This first-hand experience will help them to understand the grass root level reality of agriculture.and we take humble pride in lending our support to solve this national crisis.

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