Department of Agricultural Engineering & Soil Science

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Department of Agricultural Engineering & Soil Science
Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.

P: +94 25 222 1612
F: +94 25 222 1612

Year I Semester I

  • ES1101 (1/10:10) Agro-meteorology
  • ES1102(2/20:20) Analytical Chemistry
  • ES1103 (2/15:30) Basic Engineering Physics
  • ES1104 (2/15:30) Farm Power and Mechanization

Year I Semester II

ES1201 (2/15:30) Introductory Soil Science
ES1202 (2/15:30) Soil Plant Water Relationship in relation to Irrigation

Year II Semester I

ES2101 (1/5:30) Soil Practices of Soil and Water Management
ES2102 (2/15:30) Machinery Systems Engineering

Year II Semester II

ES2201 (1/10:10) Applied Hydrology
ES2202 (3/30:30) Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Year III Semester I

ES3101 (3/15:60) Engineering Drawing and Land Survey
ES3102 (2/15:30) Irrigation and Water Management

Year III Semester II

ES3201 (2/20:20) Agricultural Waste Management
ES3202 (2/15:30) Climate Change and Agriculture
ES3203 (2/15:30) Computer Programming
ES3204 (2/25:10) Electronics in Agriculture
ES3205 (2/25:10) Engineering Structure Development
ES3206 (2/25:10) Food Processing Engineering
ES3207 (2/15:30) Groundwater Engineering
ES3208 (2/15:30) Integrated Water Resources Management
ES3209 (2/15:30) Irrigation Engineering
ES3210 (2/15:30) Land USe Planning
ES3211 (2/20:20) Management of Problem Soils in Sri Lanka
ES3212 (2/20:20) Precision Agriculture
ES3213 (2/15:30) Remote Sensing and GIS in Agriculture
ES3214 (2/15:30) Soil and Ecosystems
ES3215 (3/30:10) Soil Microbiology
ES3216 (2/15:30) Soil Survey and Classification
ES3217 (2/30:30) Rice Soil Management
ES3218 (2/25:10) Thermodynamics
ES3219 (2/15:30) Watershed Management
ES3220 (2/15:30) Workshop Engineering

Year IV Semester I

ES4101 (2/25:10) Advanced Agricultural Machinery and Management
ES4102 (2/25:10) Design Philosophy
ES4103 (2/25:10) Energy Production and Management
ES4104 (2/15:30) Reservoir Designing and Management
ES4105 (2/15:30) Soils of Sri Lanka
ES4106 (2/15:30) Techniques in Soil, Plant, Water and Ferilizer Analysis
ES4107 (2/15:30) Water Resources in Sri Lanka